Disana Boiled Wool Skirt - pre-order


Disana Boiled Wool Skirt

The Disana collection also features a beautiful and functional boiled wool skirt. Thanks to its clever cut, it doesn’t scooch up while playing and running, and the extra-high knitted waistband makes sure that everything stays in place. This skirt is also fitted with small pockets with plenty of room for everything your child might need.

The knitted waistband is available in our two-color melange look, which matches the Disana jackets, sweaters and

leggings perfectly.

Made in Germany!

To pre-order your choice of color and size, please place your order here on our website before February 24, 2019.  We expect to have the new Disana products available in August/September. We'll contact you as soon as we do and invoice you at that time.  Here are the prices, which are dependent on the sizes:

98/104 (2-3 years) - $57

110/116 (4-5 years) - $57

122/128 (6-8 years) - $67

134/140 (9-10 years) - $67