3-in-1 Waterproof Rain Jacket with Removable Fleece Jacket


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This 3-in-1 waterproof rain jacket has a detachable fleece lining that can be worn as a separate jacket. Perfect for warmer and colder rainy days!  

The jacket has a zipper + velcro front closure, elastic wrist closures, and a detachable hood.  It features silver reflector strips, and a tag for your child's name.  The hood is lined with cotton/polyester.  Worn over appropriate clothing, it provides great insulation and water protection from snow too.   

Manufactured in China for a German Company. Meets all European safety standards, as tested and certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

The two-tone design fits our unlined Waterproof Mud Pants as well as our fleece-lined Waterproof Mud Pants very well.

Material: 100% polyester with 100% polyurethane coating

Lining: 100% polyester fleece

Care: Machine washable, warm - hang to dry

To make sure the rain jacket fits best, please take measurements of your child, adding extra room for undergarments:

9-12 months (80)    - sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 10", length (neck to hip): 16", length (chest to hip): 9.5", width (chest): 12.5"
12-18 months (86)  - sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 10", length (neck to hip): 17.5", length (chest to hip): 8.5", width (chest): 14.5"
18 months-2T (92)  - sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 11", length (neck to hip): 18.5", length (chest to hip): 9.5", width (chest): 15.5"
2-3T (98)                 - sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 11.5", length (neck to hip): 19.5", length (chest to hip): 10.5", width (chest): 16.5"
3-4 years (104)       - sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 12.5", length (neck to hip): 21", length (chest to hip): 12", width (chest): 17.5"
5-6 years (116)       - sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 13.5", length (neck to hip): 22", length (chest to hip): 13", width (chest): 19"
7-8 years (128)      - sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 15.5", length (neck to hip): 23", length (chest to hip): 13.5", width (chest): 20.5"
9-10 years (140)    - sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 17", length (neck to hip): 24", length (chest to hip): 14", width (chest): 21.5"