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Baby Undershirt - Short Sleeves - Wool/Silk

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Spoil your baby's skin with precious underwear made in organic quality.

These organic undershirts are made from 70% organic merino wool and 30% silk.  The finest quality available, and the perfect combination of many benefits of wool and the extraordinary characteristics of precious silk. Fine merino wool is absorbent and cosily warm.  Silk is durable, smooth and comfortable to wear.  Because natural fibers breathe, together they create a temperature balance and support the natural capacity of the skin.

Wool posseses the natural ability to clean itself by simply being aired.  Wool absorbs moisture, and its natural lanolin cleanses away bacteria & odors. Although the HOCOSA wool/silk products are machine-washable, handwashing them only occasionally with DISANA wool shampoo is recommended. This will maintain the wool's self-cleaning properties.

Drying in the sun, on a heater, or in the dryer is taboo. Roll any wool item in a dry terry towel twice to take out moisture, then let it dry at a well aerated and shaded place.

European sizes are a child's length in centimeters (1 inch = 2.54 cm).  Size by age is approximate, and as all babies are unique. So, please choose the size that corresponds to your baby's total height for best fit: 

50/56 = 20"/22" ~ 0-3 months

62/68 = 24.4"/27" ~ 3-6 months

74/80 = 29"/31.5" ~ 6-12 months

86/92 = 34"/36" ~ 12-24 months

98/104 = 38.5"/41" ~ 2-4 years