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Disana Felt Mat


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Disana Felt Mat         

Perfect for playing, relaxing, and finding silence. This disana felt mat is made of 100% recycled organic wool. In every mat, there is a sweater, knitted trousers, or a hat. Many scraps of organic wool is left behind during the production process of disana's beautiful clothing.  Scraps that are too small to use, but too precious to throw away.  So, disana initiated a unique upcycling project, in which those pieces are processed into felt fabric, which is very soft, yet sturdy to become a mat. 

Material: 100% wool from organic farming.

Dirt- and sweat-repellent due to the natural properties of wool. Pleasant feel in Summer and Winter. 

Material: 100% organic recycled wool-felt

Thickness: 3 mm

Dimensions: 200cm x 70cm (79" x 28")

Density: 900 g/m²

Weight: about 1200 g

Made in Germany!

One size (79" x 28") - $115

Why wool?

  • Wool keeps your child warm, because its naturally crinkled fibers hold the body heat. This way, wool balances temperature in cooler surroundings.
  • Pure Merino wool can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. Thanks to its lanolin content, the fiber also offers protection from external wetness, with pearls of water forming on its surface.
  • Finely crimped wool does not itch and feels soft and comfortable on sensitive skin.

Care of Wool

1. Gently hand wash wool items using very cold water. Be gentle, as the agitation can cause wool to shrink.

2. Apply a very mild detergent such as DISANA wool shampoo.

3. Rinse the item in cold water until all soap residue has been removed.

4. Press the water out of the fabric by rolling it in a towel. Do not twist or wring, as this will shrink the fabric.

5. Hang the wet garment and allow it to air dry completely. Do NOT hang wool garments in the sun to dry.

6. Iron only when absolutely necessary. Use a cool iron with a press cloth between the iron and the fabric.

Additional Tips

- Dry cleaning is not recommended, as it could shrink your wool garment.

- Since wool is a natural fiber, do not use bleach as it will damage the fibers.